Who am I?

That's pretty deep stuff to get into on a first-page click on the internet. 

  • I'm a reader.  My brother once told his kindergarten teacher that he had a 3-year-old sister at home with a learning disability.  His diagnosis?  I didn't know how to read.  Now I do!
  • I'm a writer.  I write YA and am represented by agent Amy Jameson of A+B Works. She is amazing!
  • I like to lift weights, shop clearance racks, listen to my kids play the piano, ride my bike, and talk to friends (but not on the phone.  I kind of hate the phone.).  I have a tall husband and funny children.
  • Here are some things I like:  art history, Russia, the 1920s, big hair, a clean house, blues and greens and pinks, ghost towns, grain elevators, ruins, the Renaissance, Sweden, Romanesque sculpture, Marc Chagall, Minerva Teichert, romantic composers, time travel, stringed instruments, musicals, teaching, explorers, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, art heists and forgeries, Jesuit missions in North America, old maps, St. Petersburg, thunderstorms, The Atlantic, book clubs, and loud jewelry. 
It's nice to meet you.

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