Saturday, January 25, 2014

Explain the title

Vermeer, Lady Writing a Letter

I always wonder where blog titles come from, mostly because I knew very little pop culture until I married my husband, so there are gaping holes waiting to be plugged with Beatles' lyrics and '80s sitcoms.  This blog title doesn't come from a song or movie or TV show you've never heard of, so take heart!

My husband and I were discussing destinations for an anniversary trip.  I have never been to England.  Never.  Are you as shocked by this as me?  It still appalls me.  So of course it was on our list to discuss.

But every time I start researching a trip to England, I get this nagging little feeling that I'd really rather tour Georgette Heyer or Dorothy Parker's England.  Yes, yes, I get that they're made up.  But they're such magical destinations in my head that I'm not sure I could handle seeing cell phones on an actual London street. 

So I told my husband that I'd rather go to England in the 1800s, as long as it came with indoor plumbing and liberally applied deodorant.  That made him laugh--and I'm always pretty proud of that--and he told me, "Sorry, but you're going to have to write yourself there."

That line stuck in my head.  I loved it!  I love disappearing into an imaginary world I've created.  I think about his words all the time when I'm writing.

But rest assured that I'd be able to overcome any and all qualms about cell phone sightings if you'd like to sponsor my trip to London.

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